Brand Story

What is CoolXChange®?

Pronounced ‘Cool Exchange’; it is a simple, effective treatment that provides low level long duration cooling (up to 2 hours) from pain and inflammation without the discomfort or non-compliance of ice or frozen gel packs.

CoolXChange® is a cool therapy elastic gel bandage that applies therapeutic cold compression while conforming to the affected site and stay in place while you remain active. Suitable for sprains, repetitive motion injuries, pain associated with arthritis and bruises.

CoolXChange® elastic (latex free) bandages consist of nylon, polyester and spandex with a hydrogel embedded into the fabric.

How does CoolXChange® work?

CoolXChange® elastic gel bandages absorb heat energy from the body. The absorbed heat is then removed by evaporation allowing for hours of targeted cool therapy

CoolXChange® elastic gel bandages are a two-in-one solution, that provide both cooling and compression (RICE) in a convenient, user compliant format


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