Neat Feat

Neat Feat

Brand Story

Developed by practicing family physicians, in sporting paradise of New Zealand in 1993, the Neat Feat range of sports toiletries has become a well established and well recognized brand in Australia during the last decade.

Starting with the world’s first roll-on antiperspirant deodorant for feet, the simple, convenient and effective solution for foot odour, the company has developed a range of podiatry products with an aim to provide customers with a ONE-STOP FOOTCARE Solution.

Neat Feat Products have been tested developed and used by doctors , podiatrists and consumers for over 22 year.

Just How Important are the Feet?

The feet are the foundation for the whole body, the point of first contact.  The foot is highly complex, consisting of 28 bones, 50 muscles and 150 ligaments. 70% of the population will experience a foot problem during the course of their lifetime — It pays to look after them.


Orthotics Insoles : Maximum Foot Support



Soft Orthotics Insole: Diabetic Self Molding Insole


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Neat Feat