CoolXChange® Blue Elastic Gel Bandage


Available in two sizes

CoolXChange Two Sizes

CoolXChange® blue elastic gel bandage regular (7.5cm x 120cm)
CoolXChange® blue elastic gel bandage large (7.5cm x 300cm)

Advanced Recovery for Pain and Inflammation

The R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method is widely regarded as the best way to aid in recovery from sprains and strains.

CoolXChange Gel Bandage advances R.I.C.E methodology by combining the cooling and compression stages.

Evaporative cooling, together with elastic compression reduces the amount of blood flow and heat in the injured area, which minimises pain and swelling.

Key Findings
Read the university studies on CoolXchange here.


CoolXChange® elastic bandages are self-adhesive, they’ll stay where you put them without the need for tape or clips.

CoolXChange® elastic bandages contain no medications or menthol.

CoolXChange® can be worn straight from the pack or the fridge (do not place in the freezer)

CoolXChange® can be cut to fit a variety of smaller body parts e.g. fingers and can be re-usable