Intimate Gel Protect

The Intimate Gel Protect cleanses and protects the intimate area from occasional discomforts (itching, tingling). Its mild formula is enriched with Lily flower extract known for its softening properties, prebiotic and lactic acid, two active ingredients known to stimulate the development of natural defenses and maintain the balance of this sensitive area. Formulated under pharmaceutical control. Tested under dermatological control.

Intimate Gel Fresh

The Intimate Gel Soft gently cleanses the intimate area and offers an immediate and long-lasting sensation of freshness thanks to the power of the ricinoleate zinc, deodorant colour-absorbing agent. Its formula is enriched in Aloe vera extract known for its moisturizing properties, and in lactic acid which helps to protect the natural balance of the intimate area, brings comfort and wellness daily. Formulated under pharmaceutical control. tested under dermatological control.